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"The Release of the Mackenzie FX1 is a game changer for the industry and is something we have been working on for years".

Scott Mackenzie
Founder & Former World Spey Casting champion

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FX1 Engineered By NASA Scientist

Professor Gary Savage, NASA scientist and winner of three formula one drivers’ and three constructors’ World Championships was key in the development of the new Mackenzie FX1. 


Gary teamed up with the Mackenzie design team to craft and incorporate Graphene to create the worlds most advanced fly fishing rod.

Gary , a visiting prfossor  of 3 universities around the world, and is a renowned expert on composites and product design. In the world of sports equpement design he helped to engineer revolutionary hockey stick for the Olympic gold winning ice hockey team as well as designing Ski Boots worn by the world downhill champion.

We have taken the best of everything we have learned in Formula 1 to create the best fly rod ever made "

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Hand Built In The UK

Graphene + FX1 Technology 

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Graphene The Special Ingredient

15 Times Stronger Than Diamond Making The Rod Super Strong 

Thinest Material Known To Man Making The Rods Light & Flexible 

Graphene Stretches Up To 20 Percent Of It's Length, And Yet Is Also The Stiffest Known Material Helping To Make The Ultimate Fly Rod

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